Integrity.  We want every single client to trust us and the information they are given.  This is behind the reason for publishing our pricing.

Improvement.  From our rental pieces, to our client meetings, to our delivery process – there will always be ways to improve and grow and adjust

Fairness.  We will give the same level of service to every single client, without discrimination of any kind.

Collaboration.  We will work with any industry partner (or as we prefer to call them – friendors!) our clients choose without hesitation.  We will gladly accept creative opportunities and both seek and offer mentoring in our community – A rising tide lifts all boats!

Innovation.  Spruce was created to offer unique wedding rentals to the local market.  From our gold Napolean Chairs to the Dora Harvest Tables, we will always source or create one-of-a-kind rental products.

Passion.  We genuinely enjoy a calling to this work.  The wedding industry may offer 3rd shift work, constantly changing floor plans, and a busy season that relies on Illinois’ five minutes of good weather and yet – we love serving our clients on their special day!

Gratitude.  We get to spend our days thinking about beautiful events, perfect flowers and stunning photos.   We realized how incredibly blessed we are and are so, so thankful for the opportunity.