New Name, New Look: Something Old Event Rentals becomes Spruce Rentals!

I am so excited to announce this.......

Something Old Spruce Rentals

When I first opened my business in 2014, I had no idea how it would grow and change - or how I would change with it!  However, one of the first things I did start noticing is that there are several "Something Old Rentals" companies around the US and the world, and I started getting tagged in other vendors' photos AND local vendors would tag companies other than me!  The second thing I realized is that "Something Old Event Rentals" is a crazy long name to type 78 times each day.  Yikes!   So I realized I wanted a smaller/shorter name, but wasn't quite sure which direction to go.    

Enter Sara of Sara E. Designs.   You may know her from all of her wedding invite designs, but she also does marketing & logos for local companies.  We met several times to discuss different options for my business & the direction I want to take it.  I wanted something that referenced nature, green is my favorite color and I wanted something that felt timeless and classic.   After we settled on Spruce as a company name, it was fun to see different variations of the logo.  

If you've been following along for a while, I started offering pop-up weddings as the Spruce Wedding Company last year.  For about 10 months, I have been running two separate businesses - different logos, different social media accounts, different audiences.  I wanted to connect my businesses in a way that made it easier for me AND easier for new clients to follow along.  Enter Sara of Sara E. Designs.  She created a variety of Spruce-themed logos for me to use - on my website, business cards, shirts and more!  

Spruce Rentals Logo
Spruce Wedding Company

Because we are in full swing of wedding season and so many brides use my website to plan their rentals, I won't be taking the website down to issue a complete re-design at this time.  Instead I will slowly update both the rental site & the pop-up/planning site to combine them into one cohesive website.  It will take a while to get everything migrated over to the new look, but I am so happy to take this step in the growth of my business. 

Can't wait to hear - what do you think??