In March I was involved a fundraiser for an organization called LifeLine Pilots.  Their fundraiser dinner was called "Hope In A Hangar" and it was a fun, casual BBQ style event.  I've already shared several photos on Facebook and Instagram, but I wanted you to see them all in one place so I've gathered them here.  It's not every day (or even every year!) that I get to work next to vintage airplanes, so it was such a blast.  A huge thanks to LifeLine Pilots/Hope In A Hangar Planning Committee for involving me.   And a huge thanks to Kelsey from Embellish Lettering for doing all the chalkboards last minute "on the fly" (couldn't resist!).  Check it out!    


Some of the photos are mine, some are from one of the event volunteers (thanks, Barb!), some are from Diane Patterson Photography.