A Long Letter on Authenticity, Marquee Letters and Hope In A Hangar

I try to be authentic.  It is important to me that the things in my life are real and true.   I'm one of those people who would rather carry a no-name real leather handbag than a knock-off designer vinyl bag.  I have friends who love their knockoffs.  I love my friends, but those handbags just aren't my style.  I feel that way about a lot of things - I don't want to put on a show and make you think running a business or raising kids or being married is perfect and easy.  None of those things are perfect OR easy.  There are amazingly great days, and there are days when I think my family will make me go crazy.  

"Smile so I can take your picture!"

"Smile so I can take your picture!"

I try to be authentic in managing my business.  There is a huge trend right now towards vintage look items.  It would be so easy for me to run to a local store and buy a ton of accessories and decor that show fake rust or fake chippy paint.  But I advertise my business as a place where brides can rent one-of-a-kind vintage items, so I try to stay true to that. It's really a balancing act, because not everything old works for today's events - sometimes the scale is off (I find a lot of old furniture that is really small!), sometimes it's hazardous (rust can cause rough edges!), and sometimes the color is wrong (how many avocado/mustard/orange weddings are taking place today?).   I make a few exceptions - votives, lanterns, pillows (because who wants an old pillow?), maybe something I've bought for a photoshoot here and there.  I'm planning to build farm tables this year because it's impossible to find 20 matching 8' vintage farm tables.   If I need to reupholster a piece of furniture, I'll use new materials; but if I add any suitecase, crate, sofa, cake plate or dresser to my inventory, I want it to be authentic.  

Which brings me to marquee letters.  I love marquee letters.  I love the industrial look, the story behind each letter, playing the 'which logo does this letter remind me of?' game.  I'm all about that.  When I first opened my business, marquee letters were definitely on my list of most-wanted items.   I just imagined all these amazing weddings and parties where couples would use their initials or spell out their names in my crazy collection of letters.  

I was so innocent.  

As it turns out - authentic, real, decent condition marquee letters are unicorns.  The ones that survive construction demo are expensive and not easy to find.  Because of this, knockoff marquee letters are really popular and easily available.   But remember my desire to be authentic?  Knockoffs just won't do.  So as of today, I only have two marquee letters.  In fact, I don't even advertise them because unless your wedding is red and your names are 'O' and 'G', they won't work.  And guess how many clients have fit that description?  You got it, zero.   

Which brings me to LifeLine Pilots.  This amazing organization brings volunteer pilots together with people who need medical care outside our community.  The pilots will fly the patients free of charge to places like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic and other medical centers to receive care they may not be able to get in Central Illinois.   A former coworker of mine was able to use this service several years ago to fly to Mayo for an organ transplant - a lifesaving transplant!  I will never forget the excitement and trepidation that surrounded her, day after day, as she waited, packed suitcase next to her, for the call that said her transplant was available.  I love that these pilots (who are crazy about flying!) take their passion/hobby/skill and use it for the greater good.  

LifeLine Pilots is having their first ever fundraising dinner on Saturday, March 19th.  They are using Something Old Event Rentals inventory and are planning a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  As I was preparing their inventory list, I realized that if ever there was a place for my two random marquee letters, it was Hope In A Hangar - a travel-inspired dinner, decorated in red and blue, in an airplane hangar.  It's like these two pieces were just waiting for their moment all along.  Will you go?  Register Here...

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