Idea Central - February Candy Display

I'm going to be doing a monthly feature where I showcase a piece of furniture or group of inventory and give some suggestions for that particular piece.   I'm hunting for a fun name besides "Idea Central" (Monthly Inspiration maybe?) but until then we'll go with it.   The showcase may feature something holiday related (like today's Valentine's Day themed candy display or the special patriotic pie buffet I have planned for July!) or it may just be something I've had on my mind and want to share with you.  

Something Old Event Rentals - Elinor Hutch - February Idea Central - Morton, IL

First up I thought it would be fun to feature the Elinor Hutch.   Actually, as I looked over my list of plans for this monthly feature I realized they heavily involved food.  I was apparently hungry when I created my list! Ha!   Kids, of course, go crazy for candy buffets, but I have noticed adults approach them differently - sort of grazing and perusing to see if any of their favorites are available.   

I can see the Elinor Hutch being used for a favor display - rows of coffee mugs or cute boxes of caramel corn all lined up.  I can see it being used as a food station - maybe the couple are avid vegetable growers and we feature an amazing raw veggie & dip display!  You could use it to display photos to bring remembrance to special family members.  Maybe you are huge coffee fans and want to share bottles of iced coffee.   

Something Old Event Rentals - Elinor Hutch - Morton, IL

I added the chair because I like any sort of vignette to be more than one-dimensional.  Adding another table or chair (or trunk or stack of crates!) brings additional colors and textures your display might not show otherwise.  

Something Old Event Rentals - Elinor Hutch - Morton, IL

All of the glassware shown in these photos is also available to rent.  The sad tulips tried their best but they didn't like the 4 degree weather I was working in - poor guys!  So what do you think - do you like the monthly feature?  Do you have a better name for it?  Do you have another suggestion for the Elinor Hutch?  I'd love to hear from you!