Serenity Blue - (One of) Pantone's Color of the Year 2016

One of the many things I love about vintage furniture is the timeless quality.  A dresser that was beautiful in 1916 can still be beautiful in 2016.  When something is designed well, it never goes out of style and you may find yourself questioning "Is this old? Really old? A few years old?" 

The wedding industry, however, does follow trends.  Vintage is still HUGE all over the world and I'm so proud of the little company I have created and all the clients I get to help.  One way to "marry" the two - timeless furniture and current trends - is with color.   We've all seen an avocado green stove and been able to guess the decade it was purchased!   Each year Pantone releases their 'Color of the Year' based on marketing trends and for 2016 they've chosen TWO: Rose Quartz and Serenity!   

I personally like both of these colors - I also think that if you wanted to use both colors, you would need to pick one color to feature and would then just add a few tiny, tiny touches of the other color.  I think an even pairing of the two colors would be very "guess the gender" and probably not the look you want!

I thought it would be fun to feature some of the Something Old Event Rentals inventory that would be perfect at a "Serenity" hued wedding.  I have a few ideas to toss out to get your creative minds thinking. 

Serenity Blue / Blog Post - Something Old Event Rentals Aaron Sofa Vintage Rentals

The blue Aaron sofa is one of the most popular pieces I rent.  First of all, I think blue is probably one of the most flattering colors to be photographed in (or on).  This sofa is the perfect shade and in a Serenity-hued wedding, I'd pair it with other lounge pieces in white or cream.  Want to add some Rose Quartz?  Bring in the pink with the florals.  You could do large pink flowers, like peonies or lilies, or just add an accent flower like astilbe.  I personally used quince branches in my own wedding and they were the perfect "barely" pink.  Want to add pillows?  I'd pick white pillows, but if you wanted to add a bit of Rose Quartz in the pillows, maybe a white pillow with a simple pink heart with bring in the color and reinforce the theme of your day - love!

Serenity Blue / Blog Post - Something Old Event Rentals Presley Chair Vintage Rentals

The Presley chair is also in a soft blue even though it is a different shade than the Aaron sofa.  The Presley chair reminds me of the color of my favorite chambray shirt.  You could use Presley in a lounge setting (maybe with a cream sofa?), but I think he could make the perfect guest seat next to another piece of furniture.  Maybe you have a shady spot on the walkway between your ceremony and reception?  Maybe you want to hang your escort cards on our tin panel backdrop.  Place Presley there with a tiny side table to reinforce your color choices without screaming "blue is my favorite color!"

Serenity Blue / Blog Post - Something Old Event Rentals  Amanda Doors Vintage Rentals

I decided to use a styled photo of the Amanda doors to show you this next look.  This photo is from a fall-themed styled shoot I did in 2014.  The doors are GORGEOUS in photos.   You can add as much or as little to them - use them both as shown in the photo, maybe with a bit of seeded eucalyptus stuck into the grapevine instead of fall leaves.  They would also be beautiful with a large wreath on the front of them - this would be the perfect spot to introduce a bit of Rose Quartz with tiny rosebuds tucked into the wreath!

I hope to do another post featuring Rose Quartz as the main color and I hope you enjoyed these creative ideas to use vintage items in conjunction with a new trend.