Behind Every Bride Booth Theme

The Behind Every Bride Bridal Bash is just a little over a week away and I am getting final details together.   When I plan a party I like to define the parameters so I can immediately narrow the options.  Myquillyn Smith calls them "Lovely Limitations" and I think that is a beautiful way to put it.   For example, I love hosting events in the East Peoria Holiday Inn mid-size meeting room because the walls are black and I instantly know that the party theme will involve black.  And there are so many fun ways to use black!  The main fellowship hall in my church is white.  White walls, light gray floors - it may look institutional to some but I instantly know the "theme" will include white and there are so many great ways to use white!  For another event the parameters may involve lack of electricity or neon Coors Light sign in the wrong place.   

When I started planning for the Bridal Bash I knew I would be decorating my booth in the main ballroom and a lounge setup in the entry hallway.  I wanted the two spaces to be very different from each other to show clients how versatile the inventory can look.   So, I gave myself limitations.  Two of my favorite painters are Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh.  They are different yet beautiful.   I have viewed some of their original works in person and they are unforgettable.  I decided I would use these two artists to influence each space and provide my "limitations". 

The booth will invoke Monet's work:  Imagine a bicycle-built-for-two meadering through a beautiful garden on your way to a sweet party!  Colors include aquamarine, toasted almond, custard, lucite green and white; textures include chippy paint, fresh flowers, green moss, woven baskets and mercury glass.   If the booth had a theme song it would be Mozart's string quartet K. 157. 


The lounge will hint at Van Gogh's art: Picture a bold and passionate event under the stars and guests quietly slipping away after a full day of sharing the deepest emotions.  Colors will also include blue, toasted almond, custard along with marsala, black, gray and gold.  Textures include velvet, wood, tin, brass, and leather.  If the lounge had a theme song it would be Don McLean's 'Vincent' (of course!).

Next week I will announce a special giveaway in conjunction with the wedding show and I hope to see you there!