Evolution of a lounge, Part 3

In my last few posts I have shown how the champagne sofa can be used to anchor a lounge setting.   By adding a few chairs, tables and artist's easel, an inviting area can be created for your guests to relax and even to use for photos.  

Now here is where the fun begins - personalization!  Add a chalkboard with your monogram or special quote, some votive candles, or maybe a basket of throw blankets for a chilly outdoor evening.  If this were spring I might add some light pink roses and moss to the coffee table.  

But it's FALL, y'all! 

I added a few pillows, several pumpkins and a few other small items to create a cozy vignette!  The combinations are endless and I'm adding new inventory each week.  If you are interested in vintage items for your event, give me a call so we can discuss the inventory together and create a beautiful look for you!