New Inventory!

I'm still recovering from a recent surgery and can't move furniture (yet!), so I've been focusing on some smaller pieces.   I've highlighted a few of them below.  Eventually I will get to share the mismatched wood chairs, yellow tandem bicycle, barn shelves, typewriter, globes, teepee and more but for now here's a few new pieces I've added to the website.   If you want to see my inventory or current projects just send me an email and we'll schedule an appointment!

This rustic chalkboard is a nice size and perfect to lean against a tree, table or wall.  It's pretty heavy so I wouldn't recommend putting it on an easel. 

I have three of these beautiful vintage folding chairs.  Perfect for children or special guests when you want something a bit nicer for photos!

This letterpress printer's box would be perfect for escort cards or small favors...

This working vintage baby scale is perfect for newborn photos or a baby shower.   I'm working on a baby shower photo shoot I hope to share in the next few weeks!

I have a LOT of empty frames.  All sizes and shades!  Wires and hooks can be added as needed. 

I've also added a few pieces I didn't highlight here but they can be found on the inventory page.